Fruit Smoothie IPA

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Smoothie IPA yada Milkshake IPA tariflerine ek yapayım. İkisinide deneyip buraya yazarım. Eve laktoz ve maltodekstrin depoladım bile. Hazy IPA / NEIPA sevenlere.

Bu tarif doğrudan üreticiden;

How to Brew: Ten Dollar Shake

Malt Bill:
*Target an original extract of 16 P (1.065 sg)
64.3% Lager Malt
11.1% Wheat Malt
3.7% Munich
1.8% Melanoidin
6.3% Flaked Oats
12.8% Lactose

Kettle Hops:
*Target 60 IBU’s
10 min – Amarillo – 0.9 oz @ 7% A.A.
10 min – Cascade – 0.7 oz @ 6.8% A.A
0 min – Amarillo – 2.8 oz
0 min – Cascade – 1.8 oz
0 min – Citra – 2.8 oz

Kettle Additions:
Protafloc or other kettle finings
Yeast nutrient

Post Fermentation Additions:
Dry Hop: 2.0 oz Citra, 1.25 oz Amarillo, 1.25 oz Simcoe, 0.75 oz Mosaic
Fruit: 1.2 lbs. Mango Puree, 1.2 lbs. Papaya Puree, 0.3 lbs. Passion Fruit Puree

Target mash temperature = 65 C
Target mash pH = 5.5
Boil for 90 min. Add Lactose at 10 min. before the end of the boil
Ferment with Vermont Ale Yeast (we use a unique house-strain)
Fermentation Temperature = 19 C, increase temp to 22 C at 10 Plato (1.040 sg)
Add fruit to fermentation vessel at or around 8-12 Plato (1.032 – 1.048 sg)
Dry hop 3 days post terminal extract (~4.0 P)
Cool to near freezing 4 days after dry hop
Condition for 1+ weeks

Using fruit in this way can result in pectins solidifying post-bottling, leaving some chunks of fruit in the beer. This happened with ‘The Tickle Monster’, ‘Life is a Peach’ and in some cases our own bottles of ‘Ten Dollar Shake’ too. Don’t worry – it will taste great!

Şurada birisi bizim metrik ölçülere çevirmiş

(Oguz) #2

Bu Omnipollo 4:21 clone u güzel video da çekmiş arkadaş.


Batch Size: 24L
Boil Time: 60min
OG: 1.056
FG: 1.012

3.20kg Pilsner Malt
1.02kg Pale Wheat
520g Flaked Oats

Mash Steps
75min @ 67°C or 156°F

Hop Additions
31g Mosaic Pellets at 10min (Boil)
79g Mosaic Pellets at 0mins (Hop Stand)
236g Mosaic Pellets (Dry Hop for 5 days)

2 x packs Fermentis Safale S-04 (Rehydrate as per video)

480g Dextrose added start of boil
840g Lactose added just after boil ends
1.6kg Raspberries added end of fermentation before dry hopping
3 Vanilla Pods (I only used 2) sliced and added with Raspberries. I used alcohol rubs to sanitise each vanilla pod (I don’t think it’s essential tho!)

I primed and conditioned my beer with 150g Dextrose

Download this Grainfather recipe at:

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Bu cümleyi görünce aklıma Pulp Fiction’dan şu sahne geldi :smiley: